Importance of Artificial Intelligence in daily life


In this tech-geek generation, the use and impotance of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is Obliging. The whole world is talking over the consequences of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is surely obvious and why not, it helped human life a lot and made even difficult things so easy that we can make our day more productive. Although it also has its negative side where it is found that the AI has caused huge trouble to humans and many times harmed humans. Even though we all know that everything has its positive as well as its negative side but causing this level of trouble is Indictable. But today we are going to discuss about its benifits.

1. Google Search

The most fundamental and important part of us is Google search. It helped us so so much in many ways. But do you all know that the system working behind it, is AI (Artificial Intelligence). The search and information we take from our searches is done with the help of AI. But we can't deny to the fact that without this, our life is literally incomplete.

2. Quick Reply and Grammer Check

In many Chat-based services there are Quick Response which helps the consumer to save their time and this all is done by Artificial Intelligence. And the grammer check feature we see in many applications is also done by AI.

3. Google Lens and OCR

Google Lens is another Google service that is based on AI and has a errorless optical recognition. You can search any kind of things in it. Just upload a photo of anything and it will show you the desired results in just few seconds. All of this is possible because of Artificial Intelligence's advancement in optical recognition

4. Fall or Car Crash detection 

It is also possible with help of AI. New apple watches and some other gadgets has a feature that it can detect an accident and alerts the nearby emergency services. It works if you get stopped suddenly or had a hard fall. It gets the data from accelerometer and gyroscope to detect such things. Due to AI, many lives has been saved. It's really very helpful. 

5. Google Assistant

All of you know that how important is google nowadays and and having assist is the best thing that can happen to us and Google Assistant played very well here. Google Assistant is the most known and used Assistant Service. And we use it very often in our daily life. There are also many compteters of Google Assistant - Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Windows Cortana, Bixby are some examples. You might or might not know about these but these are also very popular services.

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