How Computer Works? Working of Computer System


Computer now-a-days been a Dominant and integral element of human life. It impacted our life in a lot whether its Positive or Negative. Although it depends on your use and how you utilize it.

Computer is basically a combination of several device such as CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker, Scanner, Printer, etc. CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse are the necessary and the most basic devices to have a computer.

The main component which makes a Computer work is a CPU. CPU is made from various components. Basically it has a motherboard which processes its Processor, GPU, RAM, ROM, PCI Slots, Video and Sound Cards, etc.

The Diagram below is an idea to understand the processing of the Computer : 

The mechanism of Computer works in a definite way where we provide Input (information or data) The input device can vary as per the type of the computer but typically we all provide the Input from Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner or from the Software installed on the computer. Once the data has been recieved it stores the Input for a while, further more it processes the Input (which is processed by its CPU), then it execute the information and at the conclusion provide it as a Output to us. The Output can be recieved from various forms and devices. Such as Monitors, Printers, Speakers, Ports, etc.

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