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Limitations of Computer

 Limitations of Computer

In spite of having all the advantages, it suffers from some limitations in comparison with the strengths of human beings, like:

1. Zero IQ: A computer is a dumb machine with no IQ at all. The human beings are God gifted with the intelligence to handle various problems very smartly. But a computer cannot do anything itself and it needs a user's instructions to do some work.

2. Lack of Decision Making Power: A computer cannot take any decision of its own. Human beings possess the power of taking decisions as per situation whereas a computer decides only with the help of instructions given by the user.

3. No Learning Power: Human beings have tendency to learn from their surroundings and from their past experiences which help them to rectify their errors in the similar situations. But a computer lacks the learning power and it does not use any of its previous experience while doing the same things.

The limitations of computer are the strengths of human beings. That's why they both work in collaboration with each other to solve various problems.

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