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Characteristics of Computers

Characteristics of Computers

Computers can pertorm highly complex tasks with great ease and accuracy which are difficult for a normal human being to pertorm efficiently. The various characteristics of this wonderful machine can be summarized as follows:

1. High Speed: 

The processing speed of the computer is very high as it can process millions of instructions per second. The speed of a computer is measured in Megahertz (MHz) and Gigahertz (GHz). It means that a job, which can take days if performed manually, can be finished within a few seconds in the computer.

2. Accuracy: 

In addition to its high speed, the accuracy of this machine is consistently high. If the data and instructions given by the user are error free and the hardware does not malfunction, it always gives 100% accurate results. This principle is known as GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out), i.e. wrong inputs will produce wrong outputs.

3. Diligence: 

Computer, being a machine does not suffer from tiredness or lack of concentration and can work continuously for hours without making any mistake. It can carry out each instruction precisely with same accuracy and speed everytime. Thus, it is more reliable than a human being.

4. High Storage Capacity: 

A computer can store a large amount of information. The stored information can be retrieved very quickly when needed without failure.

5. Versatility: 

It can be used to perform various types of jobs very efficiently ranging from complex scientific research to flying an aircraft or controlling a robot. It can be used in hotels for making reservations or to generate bills in a shopping mall. It can process and store different types of data like text, sound, graphics, videos etc.

6. Reduction in Paper Work: 

The use of computers leads to reduction in paper work and speeds up the process.

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