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Applications of Computer

Applications of Computer

Computers, nowadays, are widely used in a variety of fields because of their advantages like quick processing and ability to process different types of data with an ease. Some of the major areas of computer applications are listed below:


This is one of the most significant areas where the computers are in use since their invention. These are used by all types of organisations tor maintaining their accounts, sales figures, production details, etc.


Computers are used by the scientists in various research centres and laboratories where they help to pertorm complex calculations and data analysis with precision and accuracy.


Computers are effectively used as teaching aids in classrooms. Nowadays, with the increasing use of Internet, students can undergo online courses offered by the various universities while sitting at their homes. They can attend the online lectures and can speak to their teachers to get the response to their queries. These virtual classrooms are the future of education.


Computers are most effectively used for communication with help of Internet. E-mails can be sent electronically to their destination in no time. Videoconferencing allows to see the distant person while talking to him. Instant messaging applications can be used to exchange text messages in real time.


Most of the sophisticated weapon systems and guided missile systems are controlled by the computer nowadays. Crucial information is encrypted and sent to various destinations using computers. Apart from these, computers are also helpful in storing bulk of data used by the military to take their crucial decisions.


Medical Science is also revolutionised with the development of computer. Computers help doctors to diagnose complicated diseases with more accuracy. These are also used in maintaining the medical history of the patients for the better treatment. ECG, Ultrasound, CT scans, etc. are also done by computerized machines.


We can play computer-based animated games, listen music and watch movies on the computers. Musicians, nowadays, use computer software to compose music. Computer are also used for making animated movies like Ice Age, Rio, The Lion King, Ratatouille, etc.


Computers are widely used to simulate flight operations for imparting training to the pilots who can get the feel of the cockpit to fly a plane without actually sitting in a plane. Also the medical students learn surgery procedures and can practise operations on computers through virtual reality.

Personal Use

Computers are now getting popular as a home gadget. They are used for writing letters, sending e-mails, chatting, web browsing, listening music, etc. They are also being used to search for information using Internet.


Today banking is almost totally dependent on computer. Computers are used at banks to create and maintain the accounts of customers. Computerized ATM machines are making it even easier for customers to deal with banks.


The information represented in the form of text, audio, images, animation, video and interactive content is called multimedia. Computers provide animation, graphical and sound technologies to develop multimedia software, such as a game or an animated e-learning sottware.


Computers help in the transportation in many ways. We can book our tickets online. Various information about trains or flight details, departure and arrival timings is easily available on computers. One common use of computer today is the GPS (Global Positioning System). The trattic lights that help control traffic are all run by computers.

These are just a few applications among the many others like, reservation system, publication, criminal identification, etc., due to which computers are dominating almost every part of our life.

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