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BGMI- Battle Grounds Mobile India is coming soon with new features

Crafton has confirmed that it is working on a number of new features that could make their way to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in the near future.  The company has said that Weapon Skins will now be included in the crate or roulette.  Crafton also touched on the possibility of opening a BP Shop, adding a voice pack in Hindi, and launching a bonus challenge along with a Prime subscription to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

  The game developer, through its latest fan FAQ post, has also revealed the measures it has taken to detect and ban cheaters in the battle royale game.

 Battlegrounds Mobile India reportedly has a 24-hour security system that automatically blocks illegal accounts in real time, according to the company.  It also issues an anti-cheat notice weekly on the website regarding the number of accounts allowed.  “In addition to the system, we regularly discover and investigate the promotion/use of illegal programs on websites, including YouTube, and approve them manually.  Any channel which is advertising/promoting illegal programmes, we are working hard to block them,” the post said.  The game developer also revealed that it is reviewing the arrival of various features, including Prime subscriptions and bonus challenges.  Prime subscriptions will offer players steady rewards as they progress.  The company is also currently reviewing adding a voice pack in Hindi and providing faster response to customer service.


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