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BGMI's new feature - AI Mode

BGMI AI Mode: Battlegrounds Mobile India may add full bot lobby mode and check details: Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most played online battle royale games in the country.  They are coming up with a lot of new ideas and updates which are very impressive.  Players are also liking it.  Recently, BGMI has released a new AI mode for the players.  So, today we will discuss BGMI New Mode i.e. Full Bot Lobby Mode.

 Basically, bots in BGMI are for practice.  They are robots.  They often make wrong decisions.  The skills of bots are very basic.  They react late and they follow a basic pattern.  Basically, developers manage the number of bots based on the quality of the player.

 According to several reports, Battlegrounds Mobile India which is mostly known as BGMI may add a new AI mode.  The new AI mode is the full bot lobby mode.  In this mode, there will be AI characters who will appear as real players on the battlefield shooting, looting and moving around the map.  All players know that it will be very easy to defeat the robot in battle.  Basically, bots make wrong decisions if you consider humans.  New players have to play against bots in the early days.  The player's progress will be determined by how many bots the player will see in the lobby.

 However, this BGMI AI mode has not been officially confirmed by Battlegrounds Mobile India.  It's still in the rumours.  BGMI may add to this in the coming days.  This new BGMI AI mode will boost the rankings but it will prepare the players.  Battlegrounds Mobile India may announce soon, however, we will have to wait for official confirmation.  Battleground Mobile India Bot Mode.

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